an introduction

We’re proud to be operating from last 45 years across the whole of Delhi & Gurgaon. That’s how we are able to offer unprecedented levels of customer service and provide access to real estate resources not available anywhere else. Promoted by Mr. Sudarshan Agarwal, Ashcon Projects Pvt Ltd., the company’s ethos is driven by its pursuit of perfection and on providing unparalleled residential and commercial solutions to its clients. For the initial few years after its conception, the company grew steadily, working mostly on small scale residential projects while gaining a reputation for quality services and reliability. Soon, the company began to bid successfully for larger projects and constructed 4 commercial buildings in Nehru place, New Delhi. With each passing year, the company has grown sufficiently to alter its primary target market from the residential construction segment to the elite farm houses, high end offices and commercial construction segment. Ashish Agarwal is a second-generation homebuilder. With more than 400000 square feet of constructed area spanning 20 years, he continues to strive to make sure that hard work & value are Visible in the services he provides. It is this intense passion towards detail and trying to achieve perfection Ashish kept on adding measure to his learning curve. One of the market leaders in the elite residential areas in Delhi and Gurgaon, Ashish Agarwal founded the space artisan and gained valuable experience in Development of residential and commercial space.

vision & mission

The leaders of tomorrow are those operators that have awareness with the customer's demand and taste, deliver results by providing exceptional service and add value to the transactional experience. We are dedicated to the building of that Brand and delivering on that Brand promise. Mission of the Company:- The mission of the company is to follow its design philosophy, which is as much about the past as it about the future. Our expertise lies in building structures that have all modern amenities and he creates havens that enable a contemporary way of living. After delivering professional construction and development services for 45 years and its mission is step into the international market and provide exclusive services, including location consulting to clients in India and abroad. There will be more challenges and opportunities that face the real estate industry in the coming years than it has experienced in the last decades. We seek and are dedicated to
• Develop premium quality real estate services, providing sustained value to end users and community.
• Be recognized as a Leader in their own field.
• Be respected in the market as the benchmark for relevant innovation and responsibility, adding sustained and measurable value to end users and the real estate community.

who we are

People usually own a house where they find living at its best. It is everybody's dream to own a house which is beautiful, comfortable, takes care of dreams and remains as the owners pride. the space artisan opens the gateway to Luxury Bungalow which are extravagant and can be compared to the finest properties in the world. We offer a home which speaks of lavishness, style and art. The homes have been made in the latest design prevalent across the world. We have a resplendent past of 45 years. The founder and the CMD Mr. Sudarshan Aggarwal has laid strong foundations of uncompromising standards of quality and ethics. A lot of buildings at Nehru place talks of his flair for detail and team work. Various farm houses have been developed into residential locations which are an icon of style and comfort. Many dwelling units in and around Delhi have been developed keeping in mind the practicality of the house which talks of his sheer genius in the housing sector. Our villas capture the wow factor in your life with their exquisite design and layout. They are made with the aim to capture the vision and ambition of the owner. They showcase the best Bungalows and properties which portray lifestyle and attitude towards lavish living at some of the most desirable places in and around Delhi. Each Bungalow is exquisite and have a unique design which has been developed keeping in mind the latest trends used by designers in India and in the West. These Bungalows represent not only style and design but also represent the best comfort one can crave for.

design. build. excel. deliver

More than four decades of strong customer focused approach and the continuous quest for world-class quality has enabled us to attain and sustain leadership in our line of work. We stand for innovation Dedication and teamwork. Our collective commitment to operate sustainably means that we intend to be around for generations to come- creating and recreating assets required by future generations. We not only respect differences and diverse opinions but also care about community as a whole that is why we stand by our values- experience and certainly our WORDS.